Message for January 2022

Open your eyes, for do you not see.

Glimpses of the creative force, that illumines your cells, within physicality.

Within our individual expression, it’s through the emotions and our current patterns of thinking and ‘well’ our choices that we experience individually.

I guess a question that can be asked is, do we come from a place of loving awareness, or the critical mind? as its the thoughts we have, that are the energetic building blocks of our current space of reality?

When we allow our attention to go to centre of our being and to our innate creativity, that feeling for a few moments may bring us some peace and in essence, set us free.


When we have the realisation of that which we are, an aspect of Divinity.

One such aspect of the light, having this experience of its own individuality.

By setting our intention and taking the point of focus within, we may just grasp a tiny glimpse of an aspect of infinity.

In life, there will come times when we question, where there is a realisation of who we are and then at times receive the revelation of our own energetic potentiality.

You are within the context of your reasoning and thoughts the creator of each moment of now and your given actuality.


We can become defined in our lives by the voices choices, opinions of others and experiences we have had in our lives.

It can be so difficult to understand within logical reason, why life is so hard and why we hold the conditioned beliefs about ourselves or we may ask why did this happen to me?

We may within our reasoning believe we are separate and solid and not connected energetically or Spiritually.

We may have looked at endless theories and heard different perceptions about God, Spirit, the soul, nature, truth, light and Physicality.

We may not be certain of what we think or feel, about life, death, ourselves, but when we reach within we are one breath closer to a glimpse of an aspect of our eternal nature and of a co-creative, divinity.


And so, The Power of the Spirit divine is both yours and Mine

It’s in all of nature big and small, the inner meaning that ignites, brings about a power and an array of physical life, within it all.

It’s a conscious collaboration of connected light waves and frequency.

It’s the Macro to the Microcosm of experience of separateness to wholeness.

It’s the Intertwined structure of all the threads and weaves of our lights combined, that creates a bigger picture of all aspects of the Spirit divine.

Rachel Casson 2021