My Poems


As human beings our desire is to have expression and be able to communicate within the world. 

I personally like to do this through music or poetry as our words are singularly the most powerful force available to us, for our words are the natural means of expressing thoughts and feelings and of establishing understanding between people.

I believe there is great inspiration within many aspects, but for me I am touched by the power of our words and what they can bring out from within us.

I hope you enjoy these poems which are an expression of my words from my soul and from spirit.

This Christmas I’m thinking of the gifts you brought to my life.

I miss you, I love you, But you’re not there anymore not physically anyway.
I remember every moment I had with you, your smell, your laughter, your beautiful
hugs, that made me feel protected and always loved in every way.
I miss our conversations and eating cake and drinking cups of tea.
I miss the sense of humour we shared and what you meant to me.

I think of you so often and know you’re not far away, I feel you in my heart and at this
time of year, in my thoughts your never far away.
I think of when I used to come to your house at Christmas as a child and it would
snow on Christmas day.
I remember when id make up funny songs and rhymes about you and how you’d
look at me, with a mock smile and you would chide me and “stop it our Rach” you’d
But then we would all laugh so much and the feeling of joy was simply amazing in
those moments, it makes me still smile to this day.
We shared a naughty sense of humour, which was really a joy, I have to say and not
a humour that understood by everyone.

Upon my reflection, what I really treasured, was the sense of acceptance and the
love you always had for me,
It was off the scale and I felt it in my heart and it just meant so much you see.
Your physical feeling, your voice, your smile, your beautiful eyes, your strength your
stubbornness and your stability.
In my thoughts, I’m back in your kitchen and for a moment I reminisce and think of
you, the happy memories of the good old days gone by,
of making Victoria sponge cake, apple pies, sausage rolls, mince pie and a glass of
Sherry, your favourite, raised to the most important people in your life, your family.
Last time I visited at Christmas and I looked into the conservatory, for me it was so
surreal, hit my senses, as there was no chair, no ashtray, no dogs to cuddle, no
television, no you, just a stimulus of my memory.

The house was always so busy at Christmas and visiting was a ton of family
There was always noise and fun and laughter, lots of cards, a beautiful Christmas
tree, lots of chocolate and an endless supply of tea.
I’d always visit you each Christmas, that is when from Birmingham id moved away,
We would sit and gossip about the year, in fact my last memory is of me sitting on
your bed and you in your special chair and about you eating some maltsters and
hiding the wrappers and thinking no one could see.
I remember you were still smoking and nearly set fire to your hair and exchanging a
look with my Aunty perhaps of humour mixed with despair.
So, as I complete this poem and share in this happy memory on this day, best of all
for me was being in your physical presence and remembering even now the feeling
of the most amazing hugs in the world.
And what a true gift you were in my life Nan, a bit like the icing on the cake for me,
That feeling of love and security, in my heart and my senses, when in your presence,
was one of the best moments of my year for me.

Don't Give Up

When life feels like a struggle and for us all sometimes it will.
When the journey seems long and the pathway is all up hill.
When you think 'oh not another challenge', to which your mind must attend.
And you wonder can you survive and will this struggle ever end.
When your body feels heavy and your brain feels slow, when you feel so damned anxious
and the answer you just don't know.

Just remember that you are having an experience of expression, in your physical way,
which is unique to you, in your own beautiful way. 
Not everyone may understand just what is going on with you, or hear the very words you
try to say.
They may try to make your experience better and take some of the need for your kind of
expression, away.

But when you reach out to others for support, perhaps they will help you to understand
another perspective of physicality.
So please don't give up, keep expressing, keep trying to take your mind-set back to
positivity and don't let fear based thoughts consume how you feel and who you are here
to be.

As with loving awareness for self and all and taking each moment as it comes
acknowledging your feelings and your thoughts too, I have to say, step by step moment by
moment, get will get through. 

By Rachel Casson -5/9/20


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Our dearest, shining twinkling star.
That refracts its light from that creative source, so wide and far.
That’s shining like the facet of a diamond in the sun lit sky.
That is, In the consciousness of physical /spiritual matter and of material
reality and wonders why.
That Has perhaps forgotten, but begun to wonder just who you are?
And why we from “spirit”, refer to your light, like a little star.

You’re an energy emanation of light, within a physical display and from
spirit, we identify who you are, by your colour frequency.
It’s when you have each thought and feeling of love, hope, positivity,
your light becomes uplifted, it connects you all together, souls
experiencing of humanity.
As you begin to have an understanding of yourself and to thine self you
begin to be true.

The brightness of your light intensifies and is illumined, shines through.
That’s because each of you has the inner potential to illumine all hearts
within such connectivity.
This light is within you all, each and every one of you, you are all
aspirations of energy, within the Brotherhood of Man and all of nature

When you go within the stillness and the silence, that’s when you’ll
realise the marvelousness of your way.
As you begin to look within, you begin to grasp and somewhat
understand, the complexity of your being, your nature and the workings
of your mind, that’s at play
And as you focus within to your centre, on the rise and fall of your breath
in your way.

You begin to focus within, you notice the pulse of an ever-pervading
eternal power, within your entire being and realise that you are an aspect
of material matter in motion and light and frequency.
And that the noise of the external material world for a moment, when you
focus within, it fades away and that there is an inner peace and a
calmness and a loving awareness of all aspects of self, in array.

So, little star shine brightly, your light it’s so very needed in this world in
its intensity and in its unique way.
For each star that shines help make up a universe of marvellous
possibility, to touch others with love, with inspiration, with healing, with
the courage to be themselves.

Practice going within to find such depths of understanding and clarity of
the energy, that you are on this day.
Then shine thine light so gently with all your heart and share it with
others, in all you do and say

By Rachel Casson 20/7/20


A Space to Experience of Our Reality

A space for outer reflection. A time just to see, to be aware of our planet earth, our environment and simply our thoughts within our given moments of physicality. Within such moments there comes an awareness, the realisation that “this is our life” right now.  Where we may consider, who we are, how we feel and what it is to be a part of humanity?  This is our opportunity to turn up and to be present in this experience, to have a point of  focus, that may well help us to gain understanding, some knowledge, to see our choices  and to grow in our spirituality It’s our place to just be aware, to notice, not to overreact, to review, what are good choices for self and others, to ask the questions, who we are, whats the meaning of this life and who do we choose to be? A space for inner reflection
A time to tune into the power you simply are, that bought your body to life, a moment just to be

To listen to the inner voice of your soul facets To allow oneself to hear, to flow, to know, to see.
To trust and explore the creative force and power that intrinsically, each of us is equally a
part, in essence of a greater co-creativity. When we have the discipline, to move our intention to our inner awareness, we may simply feel that power, of which we are all a part, a thread within Gods great tapestry. You may ask yourself what is my purpose? What’s the point of the human experience and of physicality? But do you make time to listen to your inner answers and to make time to go within, to be
passive and to allow yourself to be?

A space for inner and outer reflection, balance and harmony. The choices that we make and the action we take, is really our own, personal responsibility. Do we choose to focus on what’s in our material reality?that all of us live within and perceive via our nervous system and through our very senses, our mind and the emotions, that help us to have our experience of that of physicality? Or do we focus on our spiritual power, that brings life to the cells in our body and perhaps helps us learn given dedication, practice and time, to just be.

So, here’s a little reminder that arrives from spirit to inspire us on this day; that indeed both are an inherent part of our nature, of such duality within lifes display. That there is a need for inner and outer attention and focus, for us all at this time, to come into balance, as spiritual / physical beings in erray.
Within that of ones own power and that of living and loving, laughing, experiencing of self and gaining understanding through one’s own actions and reactions and of how we effect on each other, in our way.

Knowing that all are inextricably linked as spiritual/ physical, human beings, within a
remarkable power and force, that are all an aspect of the power of a Great Omniscient
Deity and that’s really what spirit wants to remind us all and to say.

By Rachel Casson 7/6/20


A Point of Focus, of SELF

oday I choose to embrace my True Inner Greatness, as when I am Present in a point of focus, I become aware of that aspect of power which is me, which is of wavelength, of frequency, of magnetism and vital force, a power which is unseen but that illuminates all matter with light/life force and quite simply reminds me that yes “I’m alive now”, I’m living and experiencing this physical life, but that when I look within, I then become in tune with my true potential and power.
Like that of a single droplet of water, on its own separate journey, but containing all the quintessential essences of the whole, flowing back to the sea.

Like that of the most perfect Snow flake, that has undergone such transformational forces of change, from that of the droplet of water but in essence is still of the same matter but has changed its form.

Like that of the powerful musings and growth of a beautiful  snow drop, such strength can be found in facing such adversity and simply allowing the process of growth no matter how hard it has been for the growth to occur.

Like that of the texture and smoothness of silk, all threads together make that intimate weave and within that very weave is the power and contextuality of unconditional love. That love which binds all threads together, in a richness and diversity of intensity and colour, of Gods great tapestry we are all but threads within the weave of life’s great experience.

And so, I am but a colour magnified by thine light, like a facet of a diamond, reflecting one such aspect of Gods great creative canvas, that is enriched by the many colours of such whole immensity of life, moment by moment i resonate within such frequential states of matter. In context of and within reflection upon this very duality, splendid moments can be experienced that of living, of loving, that of our true nature, of our spirituality.

Rachel Casson 19/03/19.


A Ray Of Sunshine Upon Your Day

A ray of sunshine hits the window, it illuminates this place.
A rainbow of colour it appears on the walls as if magic has
embellished my room where I sit inspired in my space
I look what has created such a vision as the sun refracts on a crystal vase
containing the sweetest of pink roses on the window ledge on display.

It is then in these moments as my mind is touched by the finest of inspirations, the sun's warmth does embrace  my head and face and I feel the
magic of this subtle energy in my way.

I feel these very words within me in a rhythm, a subtle vibration
that resounds within my being in my heart.
One love upon our way. One heart that beats away.
We have to carry each other, be kind to our planet to one another.
For the sake of our children.
For the sake of our world.
We could be one in union.

One voice in the words that we say.
One choice in the way we do create.
Do we choose to communicate with each other.
To embrace upon and within positivity with our sisters and brothers.

We could be one united at peace within our space, with each other.

One love as it does illuminate and refract upon our heart.
One voice as we speak upon the truths of our way, as we play our part.
One light as we illuminate that which we ever dared imagine we are in physicality,
To be more than we could ever perceive we could be.
One realisation of that of all as beings within spirituality.
Humanity living within their very duality we could be one and work together.
Join forces in love, in peace, we should endeavour.

The very light of your spirit is bathed in and created in simplicity.
Not a complex notion of one's mind, but being one within your spirituality.
Henceforth within some notion of the choice of our way.
Do we allow the light of our spirit to shine.
Like when the rays of the sun touch me most sublime in the warmth of this day.

So in essence to complete this poem.
A most marvelous rainbow of colour the sun's
warmth and light on display.
As we look within and see who we are and at our very spirituality.
We may surrender to the resplendence of all that we simply are in our way.
One truth, one love, one heart, one light.
Of all that is within us, that is of creation.
May our hearts and voices speak as one and may together we all unite.

Channelled by: Rachel Casson 10th July 2014



Hope exists within it all
In winter, spring, summer and fall.
It’s all of nature as you see.
From the smallest blossom, to that of the mighty oak tree.

It’s all god’s creatures great and small
That inner potentiality to experience of it all.
The sun that shines and lights our sky
The human understanding that we are eternal and never Die.

Our life can be looked upon like one great journey to infinity
Where we live, we learn, we love, where we bargain and
where we pray and where we find out who we are, and who
we are here to Be. Imagine life’s like the journey of a big ship sailing on a
voyage of the seven seas.

So, may hope be that of the wind, that sets our sails free.
Like that of a guiding compass that gives us our direction
and clarity. Like that of a lighthouse that helps us all to see.
May hope simply uplift us and help us to believe in who we are and in our destiny.

“May you simply allow yourself to trust in this very process
of life and always find hope whenever you need it along your Journeys way!!!”

by Rachel Casson 3/7/19


​I’m a Passive Observer by the Sea

I’m a passive observer as I sit here watching everyone having fun at sunny Hunny by the sea.

I’ve had a knee operation and it really has limited considerably my functional mobility.

So hence is all I can do in this moment, is to sit with my leg elevated and watch the
world go by and wonder how the water feels and try my best to be grateful for these
very moments as I watch my family.

The beach is packed and the tides not high and there’s really not a cloud in the sky.
It’s one of the hottest days in the August you see.

There’s a multitude of people on the beach, in an array of colours there’s young and
old and all in between, everyone vying for their position by the sea.

It’s just so hot as I sit her on my deck chair guarding my knee, I think I might get sun
burn if I’m not careful even though I’m wearing sun cream, a factor Thirty.

Then Some words start coming into my head and I think I’d better go in to the
caravan and perhaps I could go write some poetry instead.

But I just sit for a moment or two more as watching all these people is a glorious
extravaganza by the sea and in one part watching everyone makes me feel happy,
but also to want to play and have fun and really cool down in the water, in the sea.
I suddenly inhale and decide to get up and move, I give a sigh, I wish I could go for
a swim, or have a ski, or feel a part of this colourful presentation of people all having
fun on the beach, by the edit.


Inspiration Life

Shine thine light with all of your heart
From the moment, you awaken and are born into this physical life
Until the moment, you fall into the peaceful slumber of physical death and the eternal
nature and progression of the spirit upon its journey does start.
You can make every single moment of your life experience count
Within your intention place such simple blessing of compassion, unconditional love and a
respect and gratitude for all things within this life's display.

Let it be one of your disciplines to be present within your intention and focus in such
moments of life that do amount.   In the past, you’ve climbed and chartered what could at times feel like an unsurmountable   mountain, to gain each learning from the experience of such emotions, of anger, doubt, of   fear, of seclusion, of repression, of misunderstanding, of insecurity, of not knowing who
you are here to be.

Now could be the time to acknowledge and take personal responsibility for who you are, all
your emotions and to move forward upon your journey, to disengage your mind from that
of negative thoughts, the choice is yours you see.
To move your attention to that of positivity, to inner happiness, to that inner joy, “to enjoy”
as that’s what your journey is about, this life experience in physicality.

The love, oh the love that we seek as we live, as we learn, as we love
That each and every one of us desires to feel, to experience and to know
It’s human nature to experience such facets of love with all in the brotherhood of man, our
family, our friends, those we have loved.

But no one person can bring all facets of love we desire to experience.

Only the energy of God brings with it the whole immensity of love, as we are but one
contextual aspect, of a whole immensity of that creative force of love.
It’s through such desire, the need to be loved and through such heart ache the facets of
love we begin to know.

So, let your heart be open and allow yourself to be free.

To think, to breath, to feel, to experience this life
To be an aspect of power within duality, a spark of light within a given expression of   matter.

Let your light be like a beacon of hope, of spirituality, quietly praying for understanding of

humanity and share this power with all you do meet, speak unto and do see.
When you give yourself permission to be who you are, singularly from fear and doubt you
could be set free.  The gloriousness of your soul intention it can have expression, that is bequest unto you
and that of your destiny.

So, allow yourself such musings of growth, the intuition to know and the acceptance and

allowance that you are free.
That all is structured within a natural law and within a divine plan, as the whole picture you
do not see.

So, I ask myself the question “what is the meaning of life for me”, and onto the mirror of my

mind there is a picture, of one tiny droplet of water illumined and shown to me.
This Droplet has all the qualities of the whole immensity of matter on a journey of
separation and differentiation, as it makes its way back, within such flow to the whole, the
very expansiveness of God- to the sea.

Written by Rachel Casson July 2019.


A Poem I Wrote at Teacher Training 28/11/19

Indeed, we have a desire to know
To set our intention, to breath, the breath of God and so!
To teach, with wisdom and respect
To help another soul to grow, to learn, to self-reflect.

The path is chosen
The destination of which we are not sure you see
It’s a journey of evolution, upon reflection
Of our spiritual divinity.

The mother earth as it touches the sky
What is the reason? I wonder why.
We begin to question
To see aspects within you see, of all the facets of who we are and who we are
here to be?

Combing such knowledge of seeds, we sow
In humility of such a process of helping another to grow.
In teaching, not preaching, not overpowering, to offend
But in gracefully nurturing, a real human being in a power, that is infinite that
does not end.

So, it’s in Gods good grace
The power you embrace and know
That has a touch of marvellousness, it ‘holds within a kind of magic
That changes and transforms your life, like that of the enduring pearl, to grow.

So, trust in your natures and be who you are meant to be.
Do you walk your talk or not! What is your spirituality.
Your one of the facilitators of an all-pervading essence, of power of creativity.
But remember with “great power come great responsibility”

And so, you hear things, and you forget them.
you see things and you remember them do you see.
But when you do things, you begin to understand them.
You move within the evolution of you spirit, your growth as a person, you
create one fine ripple in a sea of infinite possibility.


Was Spirit that Inspired Me!

Bathed in an ever eternal sea of spirit
You see my smile
we are one being
Dancing eternally in the essences of light

Eternally unfolding of our deity
Cosmic consciousness on a level that is sublime
Our heritage
Its yours its mine

Light is within, its without
it’s everywhere it’s all about
with its vibration, its radiance
its Colour , wave length, frequency
 that does inspire evermore

Energy mechanics
Growth in natural law
Life is love is energy
Vibration union, synchronicity, wholeness
God force , ever amore and flow into eternity!

 Channelled Rachel Casson