Message for November

Inspired Words 4th November 2021

One this day as I do start,

I have a feeling of gratitude in my heart.

I feel like God embraces me within his energy and his light,
Like a child that’s acknowledged, loved, cuddled and held so tight.

As I sit in this peaceful space and pray,
whilst turning my attention to the healing energy and to Gods great and
stupendous array.

I feel the distinct instinctive, possibility
That within the grand plan, all is as it should be.

Because as I look within, I know I’m guided in the truth of a spiritual way.
Because I only have to look out upon the scenery that surrounds me of
all nature, within the canvas of Gods glorious display.

It seems within this life, within Gods power all is energetically connected
and mysteriously tied.
By an eternal force and an ever pervading, eternal flowing tide.

Of beings, that are similar to little droplets of water an aspect of one
such immense whole, flowing to a mighty sea.
Having such experiences of separateness within physicality.

So, sometimes in life, we may question why did this happen to me?
And then of course we can choose our reaction, but by reflecting and in
questioning we are given an opportunity.

To look inside and see that we are indeed perfectly imperfect within this
And then perhaps, we may be set free from the shackles of our own
perceived inadequacy.

Then like that droplet of water, that is full of potential, flowing back to the

Being mysteriously guided within the ebb and flow of this life journey
then all can be simply who they are in their own individuality, knowing
they are an aspect of a great creativity.


Exploring a view point - What is the Energy of it all?

It’s a universal wave length and frequency, that in degrees of vibrational Ether creates each reality.

Where God is the Great omniscient energy of all things, seen and unseen, the One, the all the everything, that great and stupendous whole of great vibrational immensity.

Where within it all there is Consciousness that is the macro to microcosm of experience, that which has to experience its own separateness to know its wholeness and creativity.

The Energy never ceases, but transforms and cannot be recreated and can never be destroyed, its eternal and ever transformative within greater spheres of realisation of Spiritual mastery.

We can ask why are we here? And the answer is to experience of the frequential changes on matter, made manifest within physicality.

Then when we begin to understand that our energy is vibrating very slowly within the atoms within the cells of our physical body.

You can see why, that within our conscious awareness, we are lead through our perceptions, to the belief that everything in our physical universe is tangible, solid and part an aspect of our perceptive reality.

But we came her to gain understanding through our life experience, to make choices, to seek out expression, to love, to understand our environment and our connectivity.

But there is so much that we don’t know about energy, our own, the soul, about when we make that transition we call death and move into the Spirit body, Spirit Spheres, back towards God and the energy of it all, as we are taught in life only to believe what we see?

So, As I sit here writing these inspired words about energy, I can see why this topic can be contentious, and why we might believe everything is solid in our physical reality.

But if we look at who we and bring our awareness to the fact that we are made up of an electro-magnetic energy field, that we call the aura.

That is the power house for our mediumship and for healing and is the tool of Spiritual communication and enhanced Spiritual clarity.
Intuitively as mediums we know, we feel, we sense, we see and through our aura we tap into various subtle levels of connectivity.

I’m inspired to look around my living room at all the solid objects, such as my comfy sofa, some crystals, a lamp, my Television, that seem to look solid and certainly feel solid, but yet I’m aware they are vibrating at a very dense vibrational frequency.
And just because we think everything is solid it does not mean that, that point of view has to define the matter of our reality.

All within the physical universe is made up of atoms that have protons, neutrons and electrons, that vibrate and spin and have spaces, that the human eye cannot see.
But to be honest, it’s all a matter of sensitivity to energy and then as to how we perceive it, as to what each of us experiences within physicality.

As we are energy in a human body, living this life right now and perhaps if we
choose through our own awareness to look within, we may reach a greater understanding of self and if we choose to explore over time, our own aura, we may then comprehend our connection with Spirit.

For no one truly can answer the question in simple terms ‘as to what is Energy’?