Message for February


A little Support from a friend or family


Can help you through your day and can uplift your hearts and inspire your senses

Can motivate you from apathy to endless possibility

As sometimes you might want to say “oh I give up,” “I’ve had enough,” of the way I’m feeling

But it’s so important to be mindful as to where you focus your mind, you have a choice, if you focus on the negative or on positivity.


And so, a little burst of sunshine it touched my soul on that day.

A Friend offered me a listening ear and it really blew me away.

It really made me emotional and 'thank you' I wanted to say

But this friend replied like it was no big deal, ‘you would do the same for me if it was needed, what are friends for anyway.’


I remember although our chat it was virtual

It affected my nervous system no end

And I don’t think they quite realised what it meant to me

To have the loving support of a friend.


Sometimes when we are not used to depending on others and we are living within this duality.

When we actually have the courage to ask for help, it creates within at times fear and vulnerability.

will people perceive it as a weakness, or will we be bothering that friend, or what if they are really busy?

You can with such thoughts drive yourself into isolation, when really you should reach out to those we trust and can depend.


What joins us all together is a sense of connectivity

As we all a part of the Brotherhood of man that needs each other.

That through expression and loving and sharing.

Can bring within us, our memories made and experiences shared, a feeling of support and love and help us to cope within this physicality.


So really this little poem is of immense Gratitude for our Friends and family for those who help us in our moments of need and is to say.

That when we offer a listening ear, a hug or even a smile or make a space for others, or just simply show we care, it seems to make life nicer.

Then It can uplift someone’s heart, or touch someone’s spirit and lift up their emotions quite profoundly in array.

And that when someone believes in you and is supportive that can make all the difference to you believing in yourself, to keeping you going and to knowing that you can do anything you put your mind too and that can really brighten your day.


Rachel Casson - 12/02/2021.