The Power of Spirit Exists Within it All



Do you believe you’re a Spirit, experiencing within a body, within the Brotherhood of Humanity? 

That you are all here to experience this life within a physical duality?

That you are all an aspect, of the same energy source, of the same inner potentiality, from a creative force of love, of God, of positivity?

Whether your answer to each question is, Yes, No or Maybe, there’s more!!


Because, the Power of Spirit exists within it all!

It’s that essence that illumines, all God’s creatures great and small.

It’s the creative force within all of nature as you see.

From the smallest blossom, to that of the mighty oak tree.
Then there’s the inner potentiality of humans to experience, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually of it all.

It’s within all the seasons of earthly experience, off winter, spring, summer and fall.

Of the sun that shines and lights our sky.

It’s within the essence that gives us the human understanding that the Spirit is eternal and will never Die.

So, for the enquirer of such knowledge of the Power of Spirit and its extraordinary essence within this physicality.

Spirits finishes this poem wanting to say; within such given words and a feeling of intensity.

That by having a point of focus, facilitating ones thoughts, and working with the minds creativity.

You may experience  aspects of your own sensitivity.

That each of us through experience, through going within and understanding your own perceptions, will find the answers, that are needed at this time, for your own experience individually.


Rachel Casson 09/01/2021